Compliance Services has trained security  professionals on staff to help you to comply with  the newest security regulations and  requirements for the industry. We have now  helped many of the Dispensaries and Grows here  in Colorado to get on the road to complete  compliance with DOR regulations.

We are currently working with facilities in  Colorado, California, and Oregon, and have  provided security systems to meet the  requirements in these states, let us help you to  protect your investments. We can even protect  your outdoor grow which by the way is legal in  Colorado which is contrary to what we had  understood in the past. These facilities have  special needs, we understand them and can  provide the right system for to fit the need.

We can build Safe Rooms, Design Camera  Systems and Alarm Systems,  Provide Fire Safety  Systems, Access Control fingerprint bio-metrics  and Personal Protection Devices. There are many  "fly by night" companies out there preaching  compliance, do not be fooled, we are the real  deal  and are in this for the long haul. Many of  our  competitors are already gone and folded up  shop, we are still standing because we are  established and have the backing to see this out  to the end.

Compliance Services along with  our partners has been installing  alarm systems for 20 years and  can custom design an alarm  system to meet the needs of  your facility. We understand the  newest regulations and  requirements and will make sure  you are in DOR compliance and  have a system that will work for  you.

Doors, windows, areas of  concern, we can cover them all. We can integrate your Alarm  System with your  Surveillance  System and  make them work as  a team to better the overall  security for your facility.

We are professional Alarm  Installers and can make the  installations seamless and cost  effective to meet your needs.  Whether it is Hardwired or  Wireless, we can handle it all and  make it affordable.

Compliance Services has an  Access Control Solution for just  about any environment. 

Dispensaries as well as Indoor  and Outdoor Grow facilities  have special requirements for  limited access areas. We know  what the rules are and how  these areas need to be defined  and secured, as well as signage  that needs to be in place to  meet the DOR regulations.

We have sourced out the best access control equipment  available to meet the  requirements as specified by  the DOR for Access Control  Areas. Let us come out and  provide you with a free  estimate and site plan for your  facility in all areas including  Access Control areas.

We are now carrying Bio-Metric  Access control locks!

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