Equipment Leasing Options

We provide equipment Financing and Leasing Options for our clients through USA Financial Services  located here in Aurora Colorado. These services are put in place to accommodate the clients that want  to get into compliance but do not have the up front cash funds to get it done.

Compliance Services through USA Financial Services has relationships with well known Banking  Institutions that are sympathetic with our members issues as far as getting financing for Medical  Marijuana businesses.

We have taken the time to search out the right Institutions in order to get our members the best rates  possible to finance their operation. These Institutions understand the business at hand and can  provide our members options to get their facilities in compliance without the pain of having to come  up with large cash outlays to move the process along.

We can provide thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment to get you compliant  and can get funding approvals in less than 24 hours in most cases.

Let us help you, make the call today and get on the right track to compliance, add some BAM to your life and business, and much more!