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Security Solutions

Don't let someone ruin your life and business. The picture below is real, let MMJ Compliance Services protect your life, family, facility and investments. We have over 20 years experience in Security and Surveillance and can provide Peace of Mind for our customers. We can protect your Dispensary, Grow Facility, and also provide personal protection devices such as emergency keyfobs, secret alarm buttons, and hidden video and audio devices. 

Our systems are in place at facilities all over Colorado and the Nation, let us help you to design your next system to help avoid a situation like you see above. MMJ facilities are prime targets for Invasion, Smash and Grab, and many other crimes, WE CAN HELP!

We can provide marketing strategies, upgrade products, web and Social Media support, as well as Point of Sale systems for MMJ and much more. Marketing for local sales is much different than marketing to national accounts, we understand the difference and can help you in those areas.

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Total Dispensary Financial Services Solution

We have been cut off from basic services for too long. In many ways we are stronger for it—but the time has come for us to have access to basic services that any legal business should.We have found that most banks and institutions won't to do business with dispensaries. Full featured banking solutions are rare for this industry. This program was developed in concert with our partners who service and work the industry. The time has come and this is just the beginning. We can no longer be treated as an outcasts. Our contributions and economic power is now appreciated-—and that feeling is growing all over the country. 

Our solution is a program that has been in operation for fourteen years. The deposits are insured and this program is now accepting businesses in the Marijuana Industry! 

The Program Includes

Business Checking Account, Online Banking and Bill Pay, Account Alert, Access to AT, Business Debit Card, Armored Car Service, Mobile Banking and Cash Management.

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Equipment Financing Solutions

We provide equipment Financing and Leasing Options for our clients through USA Financial Services  located here in Aurora Colorado. These services are put in place to accommodate the clients that want  to get into compliance but do not have the up front cash funds to get it done. 

Compliance Services through USA Financial Services has relationships with well known Banking  Institutions that are sympathetic with our members issues as far as getting financing for recreational and medical Marijuana businesses.

We have taken the time to search out the right Institutions in order to get our members the best rates  possible to finance their operation. These Institutions understand the business at hand and can  provide our members options to get their facilities in compliance without the pain of having to come  up with large cash outlays to move the process along.

We can provide thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment to get you compliant  and can get funding approvals in less than 24 hours in most cases.

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