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Don't let someone ruin your life and business. The picture below is real, let MMJ Compliance Services protect your life, family, facility and investments. We have over 20 years experience in Security and Surveillance and can provide Peace of Mind for our customers. We can protect your Dispensary, Grow Facility, and also provide personal protection devices such as emergency keyfobs, secret alarm buttons, and hidden video and audio devices. 
Our systems are in place at facilities all over Colorado and the Nation, let us help you to design your next system to help avoid a situation like you see above. MMJ facilities are prime targets for Invasion, Smash and Grab, Kidnapping, and many other crimes, WE CAN HELP!

We can provide marketing strategies, upgrade products, web and Social Media support, as well as Point of Sale systems for MMJ and much more. Marketing for local sales is much different than marketing to national accounts, we understand the difference and can help you in those areas.

21 Day Off-Site Recording Regulation Now Being Enforced By DOR
The MMED is now starting to enforce the 21 say off-site video recording rule for all Dispensaries and Grow Operations here in Colorado. This regulation states that the owners must keep 21 days of video recording for the whole facility either off-site or in a safe at the facility. Very few have been able to adhere to this regulation if you are using Hik-Vision, Speco, and some of the other DVR systems due to the inability of the equipment to off-load 21 days of video in one sitting. We have seen it take hours or even days and the system will lock up. We have the fix!
Compliance Services has done the research and has found the answer to meet these requirements, call us today and we will discuss that with you. This regulation is being enforced now, be ready!
MMED is also enforcing the 3 day off-site recording regulation, don't get caught short, we have the answer today!
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